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Download a pdf of Snowdonia Weather Forecast

All of our area forecasts are now available on Internet enabled mobile phones. To access them, simply point your mobile browser to .....


This is a simplified version of the website, designed to deliver only the forecasts in as simple a way as possible, to maximise speed and ease of use when on the hill.

The URL is designed to respond to mobile browsers only (including Blackberry, Android and IPhone), so accessing it from your PC or laptop will simply send you to our normal homepage.

The mountains of Snowdonia are not high by international standards, and severe snow and
ice conditions are rare, but nevertheless they should not be underestimated as they can be
unforgiving for even the most experienced and well-prepared walkers. Severe weather
conditions can set in in minutes (particularly given the proximity of the area to the coast) and
navigation can be difficult at the best of times due to a scarcity of obvious paths and tracks.
Do not venture into the mountains unless you are fully equipped and prepared!